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Apr 26, 2024

College campuses across the US saw protests and clashes with police by pro-Palestine demonstrators. Oral arguments at the Supreme Court on a Biden administration policy that requires emergency abortion care in states where abortion has been heavily restricted. And a new report urges extreme caution in treating children with gender dysphoria.



The Cass Report

The World and Everything in It: April 25, 2024

Segment 1 - Campus Unrest Over Gaza

Encampments continue at Columbia as police descend on protestors at University of Texas at Austin 

Segment 2 - Emergency Abortion Care at SCOTUS

Conservative justices appear skeptical federal law requires emergency abortion care 

Breakpoint: Bill Maher Says it Out Loud 

Segment 3 - Extreme Caution Urged in Treating Gender Dysphoria

The Cass Report is out – an early analysis of findings and recommendations 


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