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Jul 28, 2022

Today marks the death of Johann Sebastian Bach (1665-1750), an ardent student of music and diligent student of theology. Raised in a family of north German musicians, he lost both his parents by age 10. He sang in a boys’ choir and played the violin early on, and later moved to the organ where he quickly was recognized for his unique talents.  

And of course, today he’s known for his compositions, where his deep knowledge of theology is so evident. Although music historians may point out the variety of musical influence—northern and southern German, French, and Italian music, Christians have long marveled at the theological richness found in the cantatas Bach wrote for churches in Leipzig. As director of church music, he designed each one to echo the Gospel reading in both language and emotional effect. Over time, it earned him the title of the “Fifth Evangelist.”  

Like Bach, let’s be sure that in all the works of our hands and especially in our creative acts to draw from a deep and growing knowledge of God.