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Feb 14, 2020

With John Stonestreet traveling, Shane Morris takes the lead on this episode of “BreakPoint This Week,” and welcomes our old friend Warren Cole Smith back to the program.

Shane and Warren discuss the remarkable work of Chinese Christians to aid and evangelize their neighbors in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis–very much like their ancient Christian brethren did during the plagues of the Roman empire.

Also today: a new petition to for the government to take down a popular porn site that hosts videos of trafficked minors; Indiana lays to rest 2,411 aborted babies discovered in the garage of deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer; what’s with the Nones? Are the numbers reversing? And finally, they discuss David Brooks’s compelling article about the nuclear family–a much-revered model of the family that may not, in the end, be either sustainable nor reflective of God’s plan for families and human flourishing.