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Jun 12, 2020

John Stonestreet and Shane Morris take apart the idea of de-funding or abolishing the police--from a biblical perspective. What Scripture tells us about fallen humanity should be enough to convince us that this is a terrible idea. Now, that doesn't mean, as John argues, that we don't police reform in certain areas. John and Shane discuss potential reforms.

Also in this episode: Anarchists take over a chunk of downtown Seattle and proclaim a "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone"; is "critical theory" compatible with Christianity? And feminist author J. K. Rowling criticizes trans-inclusive language and gets scalded. But not only is she not backing down, she's doubling down. And that, John and Shane point out, is a lesson for Christians.

In today's web-only bonus section, we get a clip from Them Before Us President Katy Faust from her presentation on the importance of fathers; John and Shane talk about the housing authority of Birmingham, Alabama, breaking its relationship with one of the nation's largest, ethnically diverse churches because the pastor "liked" a comment on social media; and John takes a reader's question: What should Christians think about the Black Lives Matter movement?