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Dec 6, 2019

John Stonestreet and Shane Morris discuss the "Fairness for All Act," which was introduced into the House on Friday. Despite the Act's name, John and Shane argue that it does not in fact protect the freedoms of all. And no matter how well-intentioned the Act's supporters are in seeking to strike a balance between LGBT rights and religious freedom, the Act gives simply gives away too much.

They also discuss the LGBT movement's vicious attacks on one of its own: Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who dared to ring a bell for the Salvation Army in the past. Will this absolutist insistence on ideological purity backfire? And since when did the organization that cares for more homeless LGBT youth than any other become a sore spot for LGBT advocates? 

Finally, how is it that nearly three quarters of British students have never heard of Mozart? What do we lose when we ignore our civilization's roots--such as classic literature and music?