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Jun 21, 2024

The harassment of cake artist Jack Phillips continues as he finds himself back in court. The Surgeon General is recommending social media sites post a health hazard warning. And once again the church is forced to deal with questions of a failed leader and what restoration looks like.



Colson Fellows Program

Great Lakes Symposium on Christian Worldview

Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado

Segment 1 - Jack is Back in Court

Why Jack Still Won’t Bake the Cake 

Justice for Jack with ADF

303 Creative v. Elenis

Breakpoint: The Courage to Change One’s Mind

Segment 2 - Social Media Warning

Surgeon General Calls for Warning Labels on Social Media Platforms 

Segment 3 - Another Celebrity Pastor Falls

Texas megachurch pastor resigns amid allegations he sexually abused a minor 


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