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Oct 14, 2019

Tim Goeglein is the guest on today’s BreakPoint podcast. Tim Goeglein is Vice- President for External and Government Relations at Focus on the Family. But this job, which he’s had for a decade, is just his latest in what has been 30-year career in Washington, including eight years working in the West Wing for President George W. Bush.

Tim Goeglein says his time in Washington hasn’t made him cynical. In fact, as you’ll hear, it’s made him hopeful. But it’s a hope underpinned by the hope of the Gospel, and a belief that Christians can and will engage the current culture and not flee from it.

These are ideas he explains in his new book “American Restoration:  How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation.” It’s a book he co-wrote with Craig Osten.

The Colson Center’s Warren Cole Smith had this conversation with Tim Goeglein at Tim’s office on Capitol Hill, within site of the Supreme Court Building and the United States Capitol.