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May 20, 2020

Truth, Love, Together. That’s the theme of the Colson Center’s 4-week long virtual event featuring 20 of the leading Christian worldview thinkers.

The first of five modules for the event is called “What Is Truth?” And today on the BreakPoint Podcast, to give you a taste of Module 1, we’re sharing with you the presentation by Os Guinness called “The Roots of the Present Crisis.”

Os traces our nation’s current political and cultural crises back to two competing views of government and humanity. One is rooted in the American Revolution and its biblical foundation, the other is rooted in the French Revolution and subsequent Marxist revolutions in Russia and China.

Which view will prevail, one that acknowledges man’s fallen nature and so insists upon the biblical idea of separation of powers, checks and balances, and yet preserves ordered liberty and “unalieanable rights”?  Or one that believes that man is perfectible, and that utopia can be reached by liberating the oppressed from the oppressor?