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Jan 31, 2020

John Stonestreet and Shane Morris spend the first two segments of the show talking about  . . . mortality. The mortality of superstars like Kobe Bryant and, well, all of us. Speaking of mortality, they also talk about the spreading Coronavirus? Is the media fanning the flames of panic, or do we have a real crisis on our...

Jan 31, 2020

You may have noticed that over the last couple of years, China has become a more frequent topic in the news and on BreakPoint commentaries. The reason is simple: its increasingly horrible treatment of Christians and other religious minorities.

While other countries rank higher on Open Doors’ recently released “World...

Jan 30, 2020

Just about every major movie release these days is scrutinized about whether or not it will feature an obvious LGBT character. Ever since the live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast,” and a bit before, Disney has been sprinkling LGBT characters generously across its film properties.

Even the most recent...