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Jun 29, 2022

Last month, NBA legend LeBron James tweeted, “It’s a weird feeling to feel so alone sometimes!” He received over 4,000 replies from people expressing sympathy, disbelief, and from some, criticism.  

It can be difficult to understand how rich, famous celebrities, like LeBron, could be lonely. Doesn’t he have it all? Four NBA championships, two Olympic gold medals, a $23 million LA mansion, marriage to his high school sweetheart, three kids, deep investment in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, ... and still, he feels lonely, even when 138,000 people liked his tweet saying so.  

The problem with having it all is defining “it all.” Define it wrong, and you could get everything you want before realizing the hole in your heart is actually God-shaped. Fame, talent, wealth, stuff, activism, charity ... these things only mean something if life itself has meaning.  

Of course, loneliness has always been part of the human condition after Eden, and I certainly don’t know what LeBron is dealing with. I just know more people than ever report being lonely, despite having more things than ever to distract them.