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Feb 24, 2023

Christians around the world are celebrating the start of the Lenten season, a new study underlines the importance of friends in our lives, and why did Richard Dawkins call Peter Singer, “the most moral person I know”?


— Recommendations — 

Strong Women Lent Reading Plan

Dear and Glorious Physician: A Novel about Saint Luke by Taylor Caldwell

Segment 1 - What Friendship Does for Our Wellbeing 

"‘Friending Bias'"

The New York Times

"Want to Be Healthier? Hang Out with Your Friends"

The Washington Post

"Why Friends Are Good For Your Health"

Rob Henderson on Twitter

Segment 2 - The Loneliness Crisis Among Young Men

"Most Young Men Are Single. Most Young Women Are Not."

The Hill

"What’s Behind the Rise of Lonely, Single Men"

Psychology Today

Segment 3 - Debating Different Ethical Theories

Richard Dawkins on Twitter

Segment 4 - Stories of the Week

"Is Christianity Sexist?"


"You Are Dust and to Dust You Shall Return: Something to Know but Not to Fear"


"Bethany Hamilton’s Stand"

The Point