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Jun 28, 2022

Disney’s newest Pixar film, Lightyear, isn’t doing great at the box office. While critics puzzle over why, an obvious reason is parents are tiring of the constant indoctrination in sexual matters. They feel betrayed by the once trusted Toy Story franchise. 

All that may come as a surprise to Chris Evans, the new voice of Buzz, who recently said concerned parents are “idiots” who will soon “die off like the dinosaurs.” Not only, as Hans Fiene noted, is it strange for 41-year-old man with no children to predict the extinction of the fertile, it’s strange to leave children asking whether girls can marry girls, and how the couple had the baby who just magically appears in the film. 

It’s one thing to promote the idea that dads and moms are interchangeable despite, you know, science, but it’s another to accuse anyone tired of being force-fed this whole thing of bigotry. As one reviewer put it, “Perhaps calling critics of a movie ‘idiots who are going to die off like the dinosaurs’ wasn’t the best strategy to get families to watch the latest entry in the Toy Story franchise.”