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Jul 28, 2023

The Barbie Movie is setting attendance records. What messages is it sending? LGTBQ+ students are flocking to Ivy League universities. What’s driving the trend? And Russell Brand shares some insightful views about God and worship.

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Section 1 - Barbie 

Check on Monday, July 31, for our official Barbie review.

"'Barbie' Box Office to the World: The Pandemic is Officially Over"

The New York Times

"Mattel Needs Barbie's Movie Magic to Lift Toy Sales"

The Wall Street Journal

‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ Set Post-Pandemic Box Office High - The New York Times

Section 2 - Ivy League Students Leaning LGBTQ

"Ivy League LGBTQ+ numbers soar and students point to identity politics"

New York Post

"U.S. LGBT Identification Steady at 7.2%"


Section 3 - Russell Brand on Worship

Russell Brand on Worship

"Jesus's plea to Russell Brand"

Christianity Today

"‘I Need God’: Actor Russell Brand Delivers Candid Admission About the Lord, ‘Spirituality’"