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Jun 28, 2019

John Stonestreet and Warren Smith discuss the two Democratic debates and just how far left these presidential candidates are willing to go.

Also on today's episode: U. S. women's soccer star Jaelene Hinkle left off the World Cup squad because of her outspoken Christian beliefs; Aussie rugby star Israel Folau banned from...

Jun 28, 2019

Last week, as the world focused attention on the Hong Kong protests, a report came out that gruesomely underscored why the protesters felt led to protest. The report, issued by a London-based panel of international and medical experts, was entitled “Forced Organ Harvesting of Prisoners of Conscience in China.”


Jun 27, 2019

Recently, the U. S. women’s soccer team thumped Thailand 13-0 in the Women’s World Cup. It got ugly, and led to criticism: some felt the American ladies wrongly ran up the score and that their goal celebrations were a bit over the top.

Well, whether that criticism is just or unjust, you can’t blame the best left...

Jun 26, 2019

Eugenics is a bad idea, a bad idea that, like all bad ideas, has victims. Efforts to keep those deemed inferior from reproducing or even existing were a central part of the Nazi experiment in Germany, which upended the entire world and led  to the extermination of millions of so-called “lives unworthy of life.”


Jun 26, 2019

Our theme for this year’s Wilberforce Weekend was “Is Christianity Still Good for the World?”

Today on the BreakPoint Podcast, we present one of the absolute highlights of the weekend: John Lennox’s riveting talk on “Is Christianity Good for Science?” Or, as he also put it, is Christianity a good worldview...