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Jan 31, 2019

Progressive Christians often criticize the pro-life movement for only caring about babies before they’re born, and not enough about “social justice” issues after they’re born. They don’t spend enough time or energy on so-called “whole life” issues like poverty and racism and climate change.

Here are two responses: First, a movement can only do so much. Of course we should care about every injustice, but pro-life organizations should not be expected to spend their already-thin budget on every problem in society, especially when other organizations are called to those issues.

Second, are social justice advocates living up to their own demand? So many who are vocal on after-birth issues are silent about nothing less than the taking of innocent, pre-born human lives.

As blogger Samuel Sey recently wrote on twitter: “One of the biggest indictments against the social justice movement within evangelicalism today is that it hasn’t produced a greater passion against the biggest human rights violation of our time—abortion. In fact, it’s producing more apathy and support for abortion.” Well said.