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May 30, 2022

“There’s already a revolution in abortions happening,” wrote Christina Cauterucci in Slate magazine recently, “and the Supreme Court can’t touch it.”   She’s referring to so-called “medical” abortions, when pills are used to terminate a child’s life at home. As of 2020, this kind of abortion was already the most common, and with the Supreme Court preparing to dismantle Roe v. Wade, it will only become more common. 

One impact of this will be to drive abortion even farther into the shadows, away from even medical supervision. In fact, during COVID, the FDA allowed abortion pills to be prescribed without a doctor’s visit. Now the pandemic is over, but the policy remains. 

The toll this will have on America’s unborn children, their parents, and our national conscience will be significant. Hidden evil always flourishes. That’s why we need pro-life legislation that extends to the abortion pill, but passing it won’t be easy. 

The Church will need to be out there, making the case for the dignity of all life, making the path of forgiveness known, offering hope and healing in Christ.  

And, we’ll need courageous lawmakers to take the next step in putting an end to abortion, including by mail.